Raindrops On Roses , Whiskers on Kittens… 100 of My Favorite Things

The weather outside has been dreadful, thanks to a subtropical storm that’s given all of Florida and environs a whole lot of grief. There’s been flooding, power outages and tornadoes; which is to say, typical summer weather in my area.

During this gloom, I’ve been reading, watching TV when my cable isn’t out, writing, and enjoying the company of three very needy cats. A friend of mine made a list of 100 of her favorite things to cheer herself up and suggested I try the same.

I thought that a very wise idea, and a chance for you all to get to know me better! I’d be surprised if you find any surprises but let me know if you do!! Also, why not join in the fun? Share your favorite things too!

Without further ado:

1. My daughter. Sara is my best friend and partner in crime, mostly willingly.

2. Cats. My trio in particular: Mazikeen, Noodle and Casanova.

3. Socks. The funkier the better. I’m not into shoes, but I do have a socks fetish.

4. Make up. I don’t wear tons of it but I sure love playing with it.

5. Unicorns. Been collecting since the 80s. The more unusual the better.

6. Shinedown. Duh.

7. Victorian themed stuff – linens, china, toys, clothes, etc

8. L. M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables

9. Classic “girl” books

10. Anime and manga

11. All animals but these are my favorites- koalas, sloths, lemurs, giraffes

12. Chokers

13. Incense/oil burners

14. Perfume (my favorite is Chloe)

15. Baths. The hotter the better

16. Reading in the tub

17. Hot tubs & jacuzzis

18. Massages

19. Disney (favorite princesses are Rapunzel, Belle, Merida and Leia)

20. Robin of Sherwood and other Robin Hood tales

21. Fairy lights and twinkle lights

22. Japanese snacks and treats…. pocky, ramune, mochi

23. The macabre…

24. Roses and anything that smells like roses and has rose patterns

25. Snakes (especially Astrid our snake) and rats

26. Tattoos

27. Piercings

28. Books

29. The beach

30. Halloween

31. Christmas

32. Goddesses and the Divine feminine

33. Horror movies

34. Supernatural beings like vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc

35. Penny Dreadful

36. Subscription boxes

37. Dolls

38. Tea. High tea when I can find it!

39. Candles especially scented ones although I like battery ones now because cats…

40. Graveyards

41. The Magicians tv series

42. Adult coloring books

43. Pink and purple, especially pastels

44. French macaroons

45. Antique shops

46. Music

47. Castles

48. Conventions

49. Festivals

50. Baked ziti

51. Pad Thai

52. Poke bowls & sushi

53. Red curly hair

54. Wigs

55. Dress up and cosplay

56. Plushies

57. Stickers

58. Universal Studios

59. Ghost tours and haunted places

60. Travel

61. Cruises

62. Crystals and stones

63. Hair bands, bows, ribbons, tiaras

64. Studio Ghibli movies

65. Presents and (good) surprises!

66. Pillows and cool pillowcases

67. New underwear and lingerie

68. Fuzzy blankets

69. Full moons

70. Photography

71. Rock concerts and live music

72. Zoological parks that promote conservation

73. Libraries (and librarians)

74. Bookstores

75. Naps

76. New Age/metaphysical stores

77. Shopping

78. Muscle cars

79. Cat bleps

80. Odd and unusual jewelry

81. Breakfast in bed

82. Flower gardens

83. Cotton candy and Superman ice cream

84. Musicals

85. Pens

86. Nature trails

87. People who let you pet their doggies

88. Renaissance festivals

89. Journals/journaling

90. Poetry

91. Motorcycles

92. Artists

93. Crafting

94. Strangers who smile at you in public

95. Holding hands

96. Hufflepuffs

97. Social media

98. T-shirts with sayings

99. Scarves

100. My readers!

There you have it! Doing this list is very good therapy, especially if we are grateful for those things we love. I know I am!!!

Please share some of your favorites in the comments, or a link to your blog.

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