Why Marvel’s Inhumans is Inhuman

I had heard that Marvel’s Inhumans was bad weeks before I saw the premiere two weeks ago. I thought maybe the acting was bad, or production values were weak – which I kind of doubted, because Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton) and it’s ABC/Disney. 

I had no idea that it would be the actual story. 

Don’t worry about spoilers here, because nothing has happened yet to get excited enough over to even want to tell anyone about. 

Here’s the plot: On the colony of Attilan, a repugnant place on the moon, a royal family of Inhumans (people with super powers) rule over people who have no special powers. At a certain age, they undergo treatment at the hands of a geneticist that pushes their latent talent to manifest. Those who are determined to have no powers, the lowly humans, are thrown into the mining pits. 

The flaw: the royals are supposed to be the good guys. 

When the King’s younger brother Maximus (a mere human), who has been tormented and sneered at all of his life – and only escaped the mines because Dad was “nice” – stages a coup, he becomes the show’s main bad guy. 

That’s more what-the-fuckery than my mind can take. 

Because they are super powered, rich and gifted they get to be the heroes while mere mortals get abused? 

It’s Trump’s comic book America and I want to throw it across a metaphorical room.

The main characters are mostly just hideously behaved caricatures. Medusa is the worst: arrogant, demanding, self absorbed. I don’t think she’d know compassion if it bit her in the bum. 

When the “heroes” teleport to Earth after Maximus stages his coup, Medusa walks around as if she always has owned the planet. She breaks into a mansion, steals food, clothes, money and a credit card. Oh my! How noble!

In an earlier scene she walks up to an ATM machine and says, “I am Medusa, Queen of Attilan! Give me money!” Repeatedly. (The ATM remains unimpressed.) It’s an incredibly obnoxious and stupid sequence that I’m sure the writers thought was funny. It’s not. 

The final sequence of Medusa is of her pointing a gun in another woman’s face – a woman who would have been happy to help if simply asked – she’s just dying to know all about the Inhumans. She demands the woman follow that helicopter who took her husband. 

It’s hard to say much about Black Bolt. He can’t talk or make a sound because his voice is like a nuke. It’s really better that he has no dialogue because I highly doubt he’d say anything I’d want to hear. Gorgon is a soldier just doing soldiery things, drawing innocent non-supes into a battle they don’t understand and can’t expect to survive. Karnac can see many possible futures but got bonked on the head and now he’s going to be a pot farmer. I’m cool with that. 

Meanwhile back on Attilan, Maximus is trying to end the caste system. Yes, this is the show’s villain who is absolutely just doing the RIGHT THING!! I’m seriously worried about people watching this who think eugenics and caste systems are just thumbs up, a-okay. People are just fighting for their freedom here, and if you think that’s wrong please move to North Korea.  The last of the Royal family on Attilan agrees to read a speech undoing the caste system, after Maximus asks her nicely, but then of course at the last minute she turns on him and throws a Hollywood brat style hissy fit. 

The “bad guys” are way more interesting Auron, a badass who can regenerate, Flora, who has nature powers and stops to smell flowers, and Mordis who is supposed to be death incarnate (he shoots laser beams from his eyes) but is hilariously funny and has thus far gotten the best lines of the show. 

This is messed up. What were the creators and writers thinking? 

Well besides making more dough off of nerds and cashing in on the super hero craze. 

The Inhumans were never designed to be main characters in the comics. This group were actually bad guys the Fantastic Four fought AGAINST. Medusa was evil. Nothing redeeming about any of them. How can you make a show around bad guys that they’re trying to pass off now as good guys? It’s so obvious it’s just to make a buck. 

I hate to use the term “offends” but I find this show offensive and its values repugnant. It goes against everything I believe about freedom – and about superheroes. 
I’m not the only one who loathes this: it’s only 8% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and I’ve dismal rating scores elsewhere. I don’t know why others hate it, but I know why I do. 


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